"Working with Laura for the past year has been an absolute transformative experience. Prior to Laura, I had been consulting another dietitian for months, but it wasn't until my first session with Laura that I began to see real progress. She immediately provided insightful recommendations about dietary adjustments to address my multiple issues and I started seeing subtle changes on Day 1, Week 1.

What sets Laura apart is her knack for simplifying complex dietary concepts and addressing not just the science, but the emotional aspects of eating. Her approach has led to numerous 'ah-ha' moments for me, shifting my mindset and deepening my understanding of food. In a world where food myths and misinformation is everywhere like on Instagram, Facebook, etc , Laura stands out as a beacon of factual, clear, and practical advice. She cuts through the noise and dispels common misunderstandings, making my journey towards healthier eating significantly less overwhelming. I can't recommend Laura highly enough!"

- Male adult, age 30-40, working in the tech space



"Over the last couple of years, I've had problems with my eating habits and been in need of lifestyle change due to my hormonal imbalance and pre-diabetes. I tried to do it myself, but it did not work. I researched online to find a dietitian to help throughout my journey who specializes in prediabetes specifically. I came across Laura's professional profile online, and we had our first meeting almost a year ago. Since then, we've been working together, and I've significantly improved my life. 

We meet online on a regular basis. What I love most about working with her is her non-judgemental environment where I feel free to open myself, her knowledge and ability to convey her expertise to her clients, her flexibility, being a good listener and providing solutions based on my needs. 

Working from home, not getting enough exercise, and juggling everyone's different eating habits at home took a lot of work. But with Laura's help, I've managed to get a grip on things. We've tackled issues like figuring out why I eat when I do, keeping my portions in check, and keeping my blood sugar in line.

Our sessions have mostly revolved around boosting my knowledge about balanced eating, nailing down blood sugar control, and picking up handy cooking tips and tricks. I'm really thankful for Laura's support during this whole lifestyle change journey."

- Female adult, age 25-35, PhD candidate



"Laura Baum is amazing. She is insightful, intelligent, curious and extremely competent at what she does. I’ve been seeing her for approximately 4 months. I’ve lost approximately 5 pounds- which is a great accomplishment. I  have a good perspective on what is effective in attempting to lose weight. I saw another dietitian many years ago and she was unable to accomplish much with me. That experience was more mathematical and required that I track everything that I ate. It’s a terrific idea but much is lost between the concept and its implementation.

Laura explains everything and all in the context of what might actually work. So rather than prohibiting something, Laura knows that it’s far better to eat an ice cream bar 3 times a week than for her to “ban it“ and in doing so ensure that the client/patient - me- will not be eating 6 ice cream bars a week!
This understanding of how people think and how to enhance what amounts to behaviour modification is an unusual presence in the arsenal of a practicing professional. Laura has such expertise and I as a patient/client and all of her other patients/clients are lucky to be able to access Laura’s expertise bundled with a  compassionate, friendly demeanour.
I can’t say enough nice things about Laura. On the 1-10 scale she’s a 20. I’m very indebted to the Sunnybrook dietitian who recommended that I see Laura. It was a most inspired piece of advice!"
- Male adult, age 60-70, legal professional

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